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Convert your canva design into WordPress

Elevate your Canva design to fully functional WordPress website with our canva to a WordPress conversion service. Enjoy complete text editability, SEO-friendly structure, and captivating animations on your transformed website.

We proudly work with clients all over the world

How it works

Seamless Design Transformation


Design Evaluation

You provide your Canva design file and project details. We analyze them and promptly offer you a tailored quote that suits your needs and budget.

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Collaborative Planning & Setup

We engage in detailed discussions to understand your unique project requirements and set up WordPress accordingly.


Seamless Design Transformation​

We seamlessly integrate Elementor (unless you prefer another option) into your website, transforming your Canva design into a WordPress site. If necessary, we fine-tune the design for better audience engagement.

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Review, Delivery, and Ongoing Support

We value your input throughout the process. Once you’re happy, we initiate the delivery process, and we’re here to help and provide you with 30 days of free ongoing support.

Innovation Unveiled

A Showcase of Remarkable Completed Projects

ORIC Consulting – Digital Transformation Experts

We collaborated with ORIC Consulting, a digital transformation boutique. Converting their Canva design into a dynamic WordPress site using Elementor, we crafted a sophisticated online presence reflecting their global expertise.

Case Study Partners – Masterful Storytellers of Success

At Canvatowp, we had the pleasure of collaborating with Case Study Partners to bring their unique vision to life. The goal was clear: transform their creative designs from Canva into a fully functional and captivating website.

Alignment Labs – Unveiling the Conscious Tech Ecosystem

In collaboration with Alignment Labs, Canvatowp developed a captivating landing page. Introducing Alignment Labs’ mission, they create an ecosystem where consciousness and technology converge, influencing tech visionaries with immortal ideas.

Grandview Children’s Center – Play. Learn. Discover.

Canvatowp is thrilled to present the newly designed landing page for Grandview Children’s Center, where the ethos is to Play, Learn, and Discover. The goal was to create a visually engaging and informative landing page that reflects the warmth and educational focus of the center.
Client Experiences

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose CanvaToWP

We’ve been deeply immersed in both tools, refining our workflow for maximum efficiency. We’ve mastered the art of transforming Canva designs into WordPress sites – it’s incredibly accurate 👌, almost like it gets the job done on its own.

Why WordPress

Of all the available CMSs, we particularly favor WordPress. It offers impressive customization capabilities while ensuring the admin panel remains user-friendly for non-developers. We’re confident that you’ll appreciate WordPress as well. To ensure you’re well-equipped, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive manual on how to effectively edit and update your site.

Why Elementor

Elementor excels with its user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, real-time live editing, and extensive design elements, offering a powerful and accessible solution for building visually impressive WordPress websites. However, if you wish to design your website using another page builder, we can also accommodate that request

How much time will it take for my Canva to WordPress project?

In short, it varies. Naturally, a landing page will be ready much sooner than an ecommerce site. We’ve wrapped up comprehensive business sites in as little as 3 days. For a precise cost and time estimate, contact us. However, it’s worth noting that all transfers from Canva to WordPress are quicker than the typical development process.

How much does it cost?

Check out our pricing here: this section provides the starting prices for various site categories. If you’re unsure about your specific case, talk to us: we’ll assist you with the details. Share some information about your business and goals, and we’ll guide you towards the right Canva-to-WordPress conversion package

Will I be able to edit my site after conversion?

Absolutely! Canva-to-WordPress converted sites offer exceptional flexibility. You can easily edit everything right from the admin dashboard. Whether you want to modify an image, edit titles, or add menu items, you’ll have the freedom to do so. We’ll provide helpful tips in a manual to guide you through the essential aspects of your website. Rest assured, we’ll leave your admin dashboard neat and organized for effortless navigation.

Canva designs only?

It depends on your needs; currently, we perform conversions based only on Canva designs. However, if you wish to replicate an existing website, we can also accommodate that request.

Contact Information

Contact us for inquiries, consultations, or collaboration opportunities. Your satisfaction is our priority